View of rear entrance access panel and security gate at Joey's Self Storage in Waxahachie,TX

Waxahachie Self Storage Security Features

No security system is completely foolproof, but we offer security features that will ensure both you and your valuables are safe.


Our facility is completely fenced in and very well lit. We understand how important this is, especially if you need to access your Waxahachie mini storage unit after dark.


A keypad entry system guards our main gate. You will be given a unique access code when you rent from us; this will give you access to the facility through the main gate. There is also a keypad inside the gate which you must use to exit. This will allow us to know exactly who is on our property and how long they remain.


A trusted resident lives on site, which can provide you with that extra assurance that there is always someone keeping an eye on the property.

Additional Security Features


All of our drives are well lighted for your safety and security


We sell cylinder locks which are round shaped and cannot be cut with bolt cutters. you can purchase one from our facility or provide one yourself.


Every day, a staff member will perform a daily site inspection on the property to ensure that all locks are securely fastened. occasionally, a tenant will leave without properly locking their Waxahachie mini storage unit. our staff member will immediately lock it for the customer and notify them of the situation.