View of interior hallways of climate controlled storage units at Joey's Self Storage in Waxahachie, TX

Climate Controlled Units at Joey's Self Storage in Waxahachie, TX

Do your valuables require special preservation standards while they are stored with us at Joey’s Security Storage?

Ask about a Waxahachie climate controlled storage unit today!

Storage units that are equipped to protect your items.

Here in Texas, we know that keeping our valuables in a clean, dry storage environment isn’t always enough. Your items can bake or freeze in a water proof storage unit, just as any item left sitting in your car parked outside of your home. Fortunately, our climate controlled units can preserve your valuables at any temperature you desire, even if the weather outside is a bitterly cold ice storm or a 100+ degree day in July.


Prevents exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures


Reduces the humidity in the air


Keeps the temperature of your unit between 55°f and 88°f


Protects items from splitting, cracking, and aging due to extreme changes in temperature


Provides a better air quality by filtering dust particles from the air, keeping your valuables cleaner


Maintains a comfortable humidity level that will prevent molding and mildew


Prevents paper and wood from warping


Provides a more pleasant experience when you are in your storage unit!

Benefits of a Waxahachie Self Storage climate control unit

As mentioned our storage units have a wide range of reasons to store with us and make sure they are preserved.

Perfect for storing: Fine linens and clothing, fine furniture, pianos, artwork, mattresses, books, electronic equipment, negatives and slides, crystal and glassware, musical equipment, pharmaceutical products, retail inventory, or anything of value and importance to you.